Ethosite Static Website Generator



Ethosite™ creates four different types of websites:





Ethosite™ Benefits Include:

  1. Ethosite™ generates TWO complete websites from the same data source: one optimized for desktop and one optimized for mobile
  2. Ethosite™ SEO Software generates error-free HTML code that meets the official World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Internet standards
  3. Ethosite™ websites adhere to all the SEO recommendations provided by Google and Bing
  4. Ethosite™ creates distinct website versions for desktop, tablet, and mobile users, created from the same data source *
  5. Ethosite™ websites are specifically designed for high performance search engine ranking
  6. Our website pages are comprised of static HTML code, and are therefore fully indexable by the search engines
  7. Our websites load extremely quickly because of their static HTML design
  8. Your website can be regenerated in seconds to update the page creation dates, helping search engine listings
  9. Your website visitors are assured a pleasurable experience regardless of the device they are using, with no pinching and scrolling needed
  10. All website pages are search optimized with customized titles, keywords and search terms
  11. Websites employ sitewide Google Analytics and other metrics to track website traffic
  12. Websites are easily navigated with left-side page links and bottom page links
  13. Ethosite™ software can adapt for new search engine algorithms

* Ethosite™ Quick Start Website is a one-size-fits-all design, i.e., one website that is viewable by both desktop and mobile devices

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