Ethosite Website Strategy System


E-Coach Program

Our one-to-one E-Coach Program is designed for businesses that want to maximize their online opportunities.

Our E-Coach Program implements an intensive search term, keyword, and description campaign, with fine-tuned search engine optimization at the page level. We will develop and implement an internet strategy tailored specifically to your business and your long-term website goals. You will learn everything you want to know about how to effectively market your business online.

Having a website built to the official web standards certainly gives you a great advantage in being favored by search engine algorithms, and implementation of an ongoing online marketing campaign can increase your visibility even more. It is important to correctly define your internet strategy and to learn how to decipher your website analytics.

For your existing, non-Ethosite® website:

We can apply our strategic online marketing techniques to your existing website as well. While there may be limitations depending on the quality of HTML code, we are confident that our E-Coach Program is invaluable to anyone that wants a better understanding of ongoing online marketing campaigns.


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